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Keyworks builds tailored Mobile Applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms, natively or hybridly.

Mobile applications can serve as an extension to existing systems. With the proper integrations in place you can easily share data between the mobile app and existing systems. Or it can be a completly new and independent solution, built from scratch to a whole new purpose.

Find out some possibilities of Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are not restricted to Smartphones only. We can have applications for different purposes, on different types of devices, such as PDA, Smartphones and others. See below for possible applications.

APPs Offline

For locations with difficult access to internet connection, salespeople and representatives can take product catalogs and sales force systems offline, for later data synchronization to the cloud and integration with the company's system.

Digital Catalogs

Thorough catalogs to assist at sale time.

Sales force

Specific applications to consolidate company's external sales process.


Apps for internal or external companies communication, which can work as a HR aid, Payroll, employee time tracking and others.

Data collection

Mobile apps for data collection, inventory checking and manual checking.

Systems integration

The possibility of integrating several systems guarantees the exchange of information in a safe and agile way. This integration can be between the company's own systems, or third party softwares, such as credit card operators, external Artificial Intelligence services and Big Data for example.

Mobile games

Mobile games are a big trend these days. Mostly casual games, but which manage to monetize and bring a good return of investment to their creators.


Apps that connect sensors and devices to information systems with real-time monitoring and management are the possibilities with the application of IOT.
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We use real data to aid decision making.


The security of the software we build and our customers data are of prime importance.


We engage in our clients' projects. Their success is our success.

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We deliver complex projects on time and according to the customer requirements


Our multi-disciplinary team collaborates bringing insights and innovations to our clients' projects.

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We develop systems regardless of the platform on which they will run.
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