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We provide a set of structured processes and methodologies that use the best practices for software development, testing and maintenance process.



One of the main advantages of outsourcing is the possibility of having a company with specialists in Business Analysis, System Analysis and Development Specialists, which can help your company to maximize the processes used for its growth.

By outsourcing, you do not need to have an internal team to develop or even maintain your systems, and you can create customized software that performs the most diverse functions and process optimizations, regardless of your ERP.

It is possible to integrate the tailored software to your ERP, this way no information is lost, and the process is more agile and cohesive.

Other important factors are quality, which specialized outsorcing companies can can provide, and the cost of your project, which is much lower than having your own development team, or having to customize your ERP to run processes that it was not originally designed to perform.

What outsourcing can do for you

To understand all the processes and services offered by a outsourcing company, we list below the most common ones, keep in mind that depending on the project, just some of these processes and services can be done, or all of them.

Software support

Software support is what guarantees the periodic maintenance of your systems, their evolution or legal updates (updates required by law or regulations, very common in the accounting and tax segments). Regardless of the technology or programming language used, an outsourcing company has specialists who ensure the correct maintenance of your existing systems, providing faster and more acurate maintenance, or even product customization, since most of the time, a software can serve companies for many years.

Systems Customization

By customizing a system, we are able to meet new requirements that the company has found, such as the automation of some process, new data entry, new reports, data crossing and overall software maintenance in order to make the processes more and more aligned to your goals and give a better view for business decision making.

Artificial intelligence

It uses cognitive technology to automate the exchange of information with its customers on websites, applications and systems according to their needs. With virtual assistants it is possible to transform customer service.

Systems development

Applying know-how to software development with better cost benefit, with multiple demands and scopes of different projects. Following the particularities, performance and results of our customers.

Big Data and Analytics

Quick analysis of large volumes of data and from various sources, generating insights and analytical data from the market of your interest. Use of Data Science to identify patterns and make predictions to assist the decision process of your business.


Contracting is the act of allocating a human resource directly into the customer development team. This allows to boost the inhouse development team, relying on highly qualified and dedicated professionals for technical services and without previously defined scope, with the possibility of inhouse or remote allocation, keeping all the efforts in your main goal and with the advantages of not only reducing labor and social charges but also managing the contracted professional.

Systems integration

The possibility of integrating several systems guarantees the exchange of information in a safe and agile way. This integration can be between the company's own systems, or third party softwares, such as credit card operators, external Artificial Intelligence services and Big Data for example.

Mobile Development

Use the right tools to make your business always connected. It allows management in a fast and strategic way for any area of your business with the development of native mobile applications, hybrid and responsive web.


Anticipate your needs through a broad understanding of your reality, designing the scope carefully. The solution is detailed and the customer has the freedom to develop the project with us or another player of preference, ensuring the best experience.


Revolutionizing the business model, automating processes by connecting technologies, sensors and devices to information systems in segments such as: agribusiness, logistics, retail, manufacturing and others, and increasing revenue and operational efficiency with real-time monitoring and management are the possibilities with the application of IOT.
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